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Black Entrepreneur Magazine has been a hub for Black entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, executives, and decision-makers since 2002. Our mission is to provide increased recognition, education, and support to Black entrepreneurs across America, Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean.

We understand that there are countless Black individuals who make valuable contributions to society through their businesses and entrepreneurship endeavors. Despite this, the Black community faces numerous barriers that limit their opportunities for career and business growth. This is why Black Entrepreneur Magazine aims to tackle these challenges head-on.

The statistics are staggering, with African Americans comprising only 12.4% of the U.S. population and 3.5% of Canada's population being Black citizens. Furthermore, systemic racism within these countries results in Black children being less likely to enroll in higher academic streams, Black men having a higher likelihood of interacting with the justice system compared to their white counterparts, and Black women being less likely to find employment, even with higher levels of education compared to white women.

At Black Entrepreneur Magazine, we believe this is unacceptable. We aspire to eliminate these injustices and contribute to the advancement of the Black community. Our platform serves as a voice for Black entrepreneurs, providing a stage for them to showcase their achievements and access resources for support and education.

Canada's recent announcement of its first-ever Black Entrepreneurship Program, with the support of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, highlights the need for increased support towards the Black entrepreneurship community. We aim to ensure that our counterparts in America, the Caribbean, and Africa receive the same exposure and support at all government levels.

Our focus is on long-term, permanent changes that break down the barriers preventing Black entrepreneurs from succeeding in the economy. Our three pillars of support, education, and recognition are the driving force behind our initiatives. Through our publication, we aim to raise awareness of anti-Black systemic racism and promote understanding of its impacts.

We publish stories, interviews, and statistics that advance the Black entrepreneurship community. We share successful stories to inspire potential entrepreneurs and encourage networking to help them make professional contacts that will benefit their businesses in the long run.

Launching a black venture is not an easy task, and it requires a set of skills, hard work, and risk-taking behavior to succeed. @ Black Entrepreneur Magazine,

we recognize the efforts of Black entrepreneurs and will not tolerate limiting them based on negative stereotypes. Greater recognition & support will be promoted to accelerate the growth of any organization or business owned by a Black entrepreneur in any country.

Black Entrepreneur Magazine aims to increase awareness of the systemic racism that hinders the progress of Black entrepreneurs in the economy. The magazine's objective is to bring about long-lasting changes by focusing on three pillars: support, education, and recognition. It is vital to raise awareness and understanding of the impacts of anti-Black racism to break down the barriers that impede the progress of Black entrepreneurs.

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